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Spring Awakening Yinyasa Yoga and Gong Bath
Sunday 10th March 2-4pm 2024

Dust off the stagnant energy of Winter and prepare to Spring forward with our 'Yinyasa' Yoga masterclass. It's the blooming season, and our intention is to propel forward and manifest those Winter dream seeds.
We shall be working with the Liver and Gallbladder meridian organs which are associated with Spring. These are responsible for growth, expansion and leadership.
We have also just stepped into the Chinese new year of the Wood Dragon. We shall look to balance our own internal Wood element. When this is healthy we are strong and flexible, like bamboo.
Our 'yinyasa' class will consist of 50 mins of flexibility flow followed by 50 mins of longer held yin postures to stimulate the flow of chi in the liver and gallbladder meridian organs. There will be a luxurious extended gong bath savasana to finish.
Exchange is £12. Pay in advance to to reserve your space with cash, transfer or paypal to (please select friends and family). Paying on the door is possible but your space won't be guaranteed.

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