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Dynamic Yoga

Tuesday 6-7pm

Inspired by Anusara, Forrest and Sivananda yoga, this is a slow paced vinyasa with a blend of many different asanas. There is a strong emphasis on deep breathing and relaxation throughout challenging and fun poses.

Staying Yin

Friday 5.30-6.30pm

(starting from 22nd Sept 2023)

Yin yoga is relaxing and grounding form of yoga which consists of slow and sustained stretching that accesses the deeper tissues of the body.  This class sees our regular yin yoga postures alongside energy medicine techniques woven into the practice. The class is designed to increase the healing power of your body and help reverse chronic patterns of tension lodged within the body's tissues. A yoga bolster or a rolled up towel is recommended for this class.


Both classes are located at Britannia Dance Studio on Cashes Green Road, Stroud GL5 4JG.

All classes are priced at £7 each for a drop in or buy a block of 4 for £24 (use within 8 weeks).

I bring some mats with me for those that don't have their own.

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